Tax area, Accounting and Financials

Tax area, Accounting and Financials

The services dedicated to the Tax Area, Accounting and Financial Statements are managed by the company SAVINO & PARTNERS as.

The services specifically concern the following points:

– analysis of periodic financial statements and preparation of annual reports
– interim analysis for management control,
– analysis and verification of compliance with specific accounting standards

1Record of finances

Keeping detailed record of finances and providing accurate accounting processes

2Management of employees’ payrolls

Employees’ payrolls and relations with social security and insurance institutions

3Due diligence

Due diligence, check-up and other targeted checks on companies under Czech law

4Financial statements

Financial statements and related documents

5Registration and cancellation

Applications for registration / cancellation of taxpayers at the competent tax offices

6Tax payment models

Drafting and presenting annual and periodic declarations of direct and indirect taxes for companies and individuals

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