Služby A-Z Czech s.r.o.

Company organization chart
Služby A-Z Czech s.r.o.

The name of the company means: Services from A to Z in Czech Republic.

The company, born with the purpose to provide services connected to the real estate management, has broaded its range with different services:

  • Commercial, tax and contractual consultancy on real estate, investment appraisals and feasibility studies.
  • Condominium management and relationship with tenants.
  • Management of collection and payments transactions on behalf of clients.
  • Management of long and short term rentals (including tourism).

The main mission is to give to non-Czech speaking people the possibility to exploit all the opportunities in Czech Republic.


Real estate
Facility Management
IT Service
Broker Consulting
Project Development
Auto practices
Sales & Purchases
Market research
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Contact us to get more information on market opportunities, dedicated consultancy services and internationalization projects. Our consultants will reply as quickly as possible.